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Atasoy is a mariner family whose origin is coming from Of/Black Sea Coast. Second generation has begun to work as maritime in 1946. After ordinary partnership, the first company which has legal personality was established in 1967. Presently, Atasoys are keeping in maritime business with two young ships, three companies and contibution of third generation.

Our Objectives,
Company’s objectives are specified here of  below ;
a- to provide safe navigation at sea
b- to prevent physical injury and loss of life
c- to prevent marine pollution and damage to cargo
d- to carry out necessary safety precautions in respect of onboard operations
e- to provide safe working environment
f- to asses all risks against the ship, crew & environment and take necessary precautions beforehand
g- to develop the knowledge & skills of either shore and ship staff permanently regarding
emergency situations of safety & protecion of environment
h- to provide compliance with national and international regulations considering codes, regulations and
standards which are obliged by IMO, administrations, recognised organizations and maritime
industry organizations .

Our Policy,
To provide safe working environment for ship’s crew and to establish necessary arrangements taking precautionary measures for providing safety onboard and to prevent risks of pollution. To provide continuity of safety and marine protection programme with participation of all our crew.
To identify all apparent or potantial risks and to take precautionary measures against those risks and hazards and to analyse the causes against re-occurance.  To provide verification that operations are carried out in accordance with written management procedures.  To provide review of all international regulations, rules and industrial codes permanently according to type of ships and cargo.
We anticipate that all of our crew conform to Safety and Prevention of marine pollution regulations and procedures and they take all precautionary measures to protect themselves, colleagues, ships, cargo and the environment.

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